Knowledge Base: FAQs

  • Unfortunately we could not verify your identity

    Thank you for your interest in OmniBazaar and our Token Sale.

    One of the most common reasons for denial by the AML/KYC software is poor quality of the provided photo.

    Sometimes it is possible to avoid this issue by providing a photo taken by a "real" camera, instead of a cell phone. 

    You should be able to upload the better image in the pop-up screen of the verification service.

    Please open a support ticket if you have any further difficulties.

  • I'm trying to buy using OmniCoin, but the "Buy" button doesn't work. What can I do?

    Open the config.json file in the C:\Users\[your_user]\AppData\Roaming\OmniBazaar directory.

    Make sure there is no user name or password in the rpc_user and rpc_password fields. Those fields should look like this:

    "rpc_user": "", "rpc_password": "",