Knowledge Base: Referring

  • Referring New OmniBazaar Users

    OmniBazaar rewards users who refer new users. You receive an on-going stream of rewards for each new person you personally introduce. It is a simple “social” referral system (not multi-level marketing). Purpose We believe in rewarding people for doing things that benefit the marketplace. New users of the marketplace (and the resulting new listings and transactions) are important to everyone in OmniBazaar because they make the marketplace bigger, more useful, more interesting, and stronger. Procedure You become the "Referrer" of a new user in OmniBazaar simply by introducing that person to OmniBazaar. Tell your friends your account name in OmniBazaar.

  • How can I see a list of my referrals?

    Your referrals are tracked on the blockchain. So, you can see them in the OmniCoin Block Explorer.

    Go to the OmniCoin block explorer here:

    Put your user name in the upper right search box.

    You will see your referrals at the bottom of your user page.