Knowledge Base: Marketplace

  • How do I Provide Marketplace Services in OmniBazaar

    Providing Marketplace Services OmniBazaar is a cooperative effort by its users who provide the computer, network, and promotional services that make the marketplace possible. Anyone who wants to provide these services for the network can earn incentive fees. If you provide more services than you consume in the OmniBazaar marketplace, you can produce an income from OmniBazaar. To provide any of the services below, you must be running the OmniBazaar software on a desktop computer or server with the following minimum requirements: • Fast, multi-core processor with 8GB of RAM • 100GB of available hard disk space • Fast internet connection

  • Are There Costs to Use OmniBazaar?

    Buyers in the marketplace pay no fees. OmniBazaar costs nothing to join and nothing to use. 

    Seller Fees

    Sellers can choose to pay from zero to two percent of the sales price of their goods and services at the time of the sale. Paying a higher percentage provides enhanced visibility for the seller's listings in the marketplace. The normal (default) listing fee is one half of one percent. Even the highest fee is still only a tiny fraction of the fees charged to sellers by most e-commerce sites.

    Referral Fees

    Most sellers also pay one half of one percent referral fee on

  • What can I do if I find prohibited, abusive, or harmful listings on OmniBazaar?

    You can help make the marketplace safer by flagging prohibited items.

    Listings that are flagged by multiple users as prohibited or objectionable will automatically removed from expanded search result results for all users. Users who repeatedly list prohibited items will automatically get lower reputation scores and lower listing priority for all items they list.

    On the other hand, every user has the ability to improve the ranking of any product or seller by purchasing the item or marking it as a “favorite”. And your own reputation in the marketplace determines how much your opinion counts. So, no single user can become

  • Are there some things I cannot list in the marketplace?

    Activities and items that are damaging to others are prohibited. Examples include (but are not limited to) weapons of mass destruction, human trafficking, child pornography, illegal weapons, murder for hire, computer viruses and trojans, stolen goods, and stolen identity or credit card information. We strongly recommend that you not buy or sell on OmniBazaar anything that is illegal in your state or country. Remember that OmniBazaar is free and open to anyone. Law enforcement officials could easily pretend to be either a buyer or a seller in the marketplace in an attempt to catch you doing something illegal. Besides that, other

  • What can I list on OmniBazaar?

    You can list practically anything. You can list products or services that you have available to sell or that you are seeking to buy. You can list employment opportunities, or post your resume if you are seeking employment. You may also list personal ads, upcoming events, free stuff, and announcements. There are no censors in the OmniBazaar marketplace, except for other users.

  • How do I Use the OmniBazaar Marketplace?

    Buying Simply click on a category of listings or type in one or more search terms. The software will search the OmniBazaar marketplace for listings that contain these words, in the title, the description, or the keywords. Listings that are on the server you are searching will be presented first. If you click "Extended Search", the OmniBazaar software will also search other remote servers for more listings in the same category or that contain the same search term. To purchase an item, just click the “Buy” button. Selling Listing your product or service is easy and free. Just fill in the