Knowledge Base: OmniCoin

  • Airdrop, Bonuses and Bounties

    STEPS TO RECEIVE "WELCOME BONUS" (Airdrop). 1) Download the OmniBazaar desktop application software and install it. 2) Launch the program, and choose a username and (strong) password. 3) Join the OmniBazaar Twitter feed using the link provided. 4) Join the Telegram chat using the link provided. Start the Telegram bot and copy the UserID to the OmniBazaar Welcome Bonus page. 5) Sign up for our MailChimp newsletter using the link provided. 6) Click the green button to register your user and receive your Welcome Bonus.

    LISTING BOUNTY Earn up to 25,000 OmniCoins (~$75 USD) for creating new product or service

  • I lost my password and cannot open my wallet

    If you are having trouble getting into your OmniBazaar account, it almost certainly means that either the username or password are incorrect. You must enter BOTH the username and password exactly as you did when you signed up. Remember, user names contain ONLY lower case letters and numbers. Check the CAPS LOCK on your keyboard.

    The OmniBazaar wallet work in a way that is very similar to other cryptocurrencies. As long as you have the “brain-key” or private key for the wallet, you can access the contents of the wallet from any machine. In the case of OmniBazaar wallet, the

  • Steps to Install and Run a Transaction Processing Node

    1. Download the Full Node installer for your operating system.
    2. Unzip files in a location where the node can write its databases. The unzipped will work "from the box" without installing anything else.

    3. Get to a command prompt.

    4. Start the node by executing ./witness_node

    5. If the node fails to load the object databases, try to start the node with either "./witness_node --replay-blockchain" or "./witness_node --resync-blockchain" parameter.

    Node configuration options are available in "witness_node_data_dir/config.ini". To connect to specific nodes in the network, change "seed-node" and "seed-nodes" options.

  • What is OmniCoin?

    OmniCoin Features • Easy Addresses: Send/Receive to an account name, not a number • Distributed Escrow • Anonymous Chat • User Reputation System • Long-Term Inflation capped at 1.5% Technical Specifications Blockchain Security: Proof of Participation (PoP) Total Supply: 25,000,000,000 Block Reward: Varies based on transaction volume Block Time: <10 seconds Initial PoW Period: None Distribution Percentage: 100% Developer Hold-back: None Investor Repayments: None Other Distribution: The "perks" promised in our crowd-funding campaign Distribution Period: As long as it takes to distribute the allocated "welcome bonuses", "referral bonuses", and "initial transaction bonuses" . Wallet An OmniCoin wallet is integrated into the OmniBazaar software. Click on the OmniCoin tab in the upper left corner of the OmniBazaar application.