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  • Steps to Set Up a Publisher Node

    Richard Crites · 0 · Posted
    1. Make sure your desktop machine meets the minimum system requirement. See this article for details: Requirements to Run a Publisher Node.
    2. Open the required ports in your firewall or router. See this article for details: Requirements to Run a Publisher Node.
    3. Download and unzip the Publisher software from this page: Installers are available for Windows 64-bit, Ubuntu Linux and MacOS.
    4. Navigate to the folder containing the unzipped software package.
    5. In Windows, double-click the "install.bat" file. For Linux or MacOS, open a terminal and execute the "" file (for example, ./ You will need to provide the Administrator/SuperUser password.
    6. When requested, provide
  • How to Run a Transaction Processing Node in OmniBazaar

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    Being a "Transaction Processor" in the OmniBazaar/OmniCoin network is similar to "mining" in the bitcoin network. Both serve to process the transactions of other users. Both serve to secure the network. Both involve a reward. And, both involve some work.

    In the case of Bitcoin, the "work" is solving extremely complex cryptographic problems using specialized equipment and a LOT of electricity. This system is called "Proof of Work".

    In OmniBazaar, the work is providing various services for users of the marketplace, maintaining a good reputation, and referring new users.  This system is called "Proof of Participation".

    You can learn a

  • How can I see a list of my referrals?

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    Your referrals are tracked on the blockchain. So, you can see them in the OmniCoin Block Explorer.

    Go to the OmniCoin block explorer here:

    Put your user name in the upper right search box.

    You will see your referrals at the bottom of your user page.

  • Token Sale Excluded Countries

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    Regulations in some countries make it difficult or dangerous to offer tokens for sale.

    Like many cryptocurrencies before us, we have chosen to exclude citizens and residents of certain jurisdictions from our token sale.

    • Not available to citizens or residents of the United States, Canada and China.
    • Also restricted: Cayman Islands, Iran, Syria, Sudan, Cuba, Burma, Côte d’Ivoire.
  • Airdrop, Bonuses and Bounties

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    STEPS TO RECEIVE "WELCOME BONUS" (Airdrop). 1) Download the OmniBazaar desktop application software and install it. 2) Launch the program, and choose a username and (strong) password. 3) Join the OmniBazaar Twitter feed using the link provided. 4) Join the Telegram chat using the link provided. Start the Telegram bot and copy the UserID to the OmniBazaar Welcome Bonus page. 5) Sign up for our MailChimp newsletter using the link provided. 6) Click the green button to register your user and receive your Welcome Bonus.

    LISTING BOUNTY Earn up to 25,000 OmniCoins (~$75 USD) for creating new product or service

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    following procedures for airdrop and setting up account

    Chester Diers · 2 · Last reply by Richard Crites

    I have tried following all the procedures and I thought I did everything, then, it would not allow me to finish??

  • Requirements to Run a Publisher Node

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    As a Publisher you receive OmniCoins for each new user listing that other users publish on your server. But, you must keep your server continuously running and connected to the Internet, so that those listings are available.

    The ZIP files on this page install a database and web server on your computer. Install the software by running the "install" script located in the main folder. Please read the README.txt file for details.

    You will need at least a dual-core processor and 4GB of RAM (8GB recommended). You must also have either a static IP address or a DNS redirect service such as DynDNS or NoIP.

    You must

  • "harddrive_id":["can't be blank"],"mac_address":["can't be blank"]

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    This is a very rare error message that appears if the harddrive ID or MAC address of your machine is not accessible for some reason.

    We have designed OmniBazaar to find and record this data as part of our strategy to prevent "bad actors" from making multiple accounts to receive multiple Welcome Bonuses. The rule is "one Welcome Bonus per user or machine".

    We have not been able to determine why, or the circumstances under which, this message appears. The developers have speculated that the issue could be specific to some hardware manufacturers or some specific application software.

    If you

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    Application error

    Strelok2770 · 0 · Posted

    Hello, there is an error installing the application, what to do? 

    Error{"harddrive_id":["can't be blank"],"mac_address":["can't be blank"]}

  • I lost my password and cannot open my wallet

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    If you are having trouble getting into your OmniBazaar account, it almost certainly means that either the username or password are incorrect. You must enter BOTH the username and password exactly as you did when you signed up. Remember, user names contain ONLY lower case letters and numbers. Check the CAPS LOCK on your keyboard.

    The OmniBazaar wallet work in a way that is very similar to other cryptocurrencies. As long as you have the “brain-key” or private key for the wallet, you can access the contents of the wallet from any machine. In the case of OmniBazaar wallet, the

  • Unfortunately we could not verify your identity

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    Thank you for your interest in OmniBazaar and our Token Sale.

    One of the most common reasons for denial by the AML/KYC software is poor quality of the provided photo.

    Sometimes it is possible to avoid this issue by providing a photo taken by a "real" camera, instead of a cell phone. 

    You should be able to upload the better image in the pop-up screen of the verification service.

    Please open a support ticket if you have any further difficulties.

  • Steps to Install and Run a Transaction Processing Node

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    1. Download the Full Node installer for your operating system.
    2. Unzip files in a location where the node can write its databases. The unzipped will work "from the box" without installing anything else.

    3. Get to a command prompt.

    4. Start the node by executing ./witness_node

    5. If the node fails to load the object databases, try to start the node with either "./witness_node --replay-blockchain" or "./witness_node --resync-blockchain" parameter.

    Node configuration options are available in "witness_node_data_dir/config.ini". To connect to specific nodes in the network, change "seed-node" and "seed-nodes" options.

  • Will there be an OmniCoin ICO?

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    Yes. We are planning to offer OmniCoin tokens for sale after the OmniBazaar application has been launched.

    We plan to offer 8.425 billion coins, to existing OmniBazaar users, through the OmniBazaar application.

    To be eligible to purchase OmniCoins, you will be required to verify your identity through a 3rd party KYC/AML service provider.

    You can get "white-listed" for the token sale from within the OmniBazaar application.

    Remember, OmniCoins are a utility and currency for use within OmniBazaar. Owning OmniCoins does not convey any ownership, profits, dividends or interest in OmniBazaar, Inc., the OmniBazaar marketplace or the OmniCoin Foundation.

  • I'm trying to buy using OmniCoin, but the "Buy" button doesn't work. What can I do?

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    Open the config.json file in the C:\Users\[your_user]\AppData\Roaming\OmniBazaar directory.

    Make sure there is no user name or password in the rpc_user and rpc_password fields. Those fields should look like this:

    "rpc_user": "", "rpc_password": "",

  • How does "Proof of Participation" Work?

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    Whereas Bitcoin secures its network using a Proof of Work (PoW) algorithm, and Bitshares uses Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS), OmniCoin uses an algorithm we are calling Proof of Participation (PoP). The group of users who are eligible to process transactions are chosen based on a “participation index” computed based on that user’s participation in various parts of the OmniBazaar marketplace. Users who are participating the most in the marketplace have the most to loose by producing invalid/fraudulent blocks. Basing the “participation index” on several factors provides incentives for broad participation in marketplace activities that are beneficial to the

  • Patents, Trademarks, and Copyrights

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    The OmniBazaar peer-to-peer marketplace system is the subject of pending US patent #13/956,358.

    OmniBazaar, OmniCoin, CryptoBazaar, SecureSend and "Shop without middlemen. Pay without bankers." are registered trademarks of OmniBazaar, Inc.

    The OmniBazaar user interface the OmniBazaar source code, and the contents of this knowledge base are copyright 2014 - 2017 by OmniBazaar, Inc.

  • About OmniBazaar

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    Simple to Use To use OmniBazaar, simply publish in the marketplace a listing of the product or service you would like to sell. Or, search for the product or service you would like to buy. If you have ever used CraigsList, you will find OmniBazaar easy to use. Inexpensive The marketplace matches buyers with sellers at a fraction of the cost of traditional e-commerce sites. Some optional marketplace services may result in small fees (0.5–1.5%) when users buy or sell something. These fees are distributed to OmniBazaar users who provide the computer, network, escrow, and development services that make the

  • Are There Costs to Use OmniBazaar?

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    Buyers in the marketplace pay no fees. OmniBazaar costs nothing to join and nothing to use. 

    Seller Fees

    Sellers can choose to pay from zero to two percent of the sales price of their goods and services at the time of the sale. Paying a higher percentage provides enhanced visibility for the seller's listings in the marketplace. The normal (default) listing fee is one half of one percent. Even the highest fee is still only a tiny fraction of the fees charged to sellers by most e-commerce sites.

    Referral Fees

    Most sellers also pay one half of one percent referral fee on

  • Why couldn’t someone start a marketplace like OmniBazaar, but without any fees?

    Richard Crites · 0 · Posted

    Someone could, and perhaps someone will.

    But, we predict that a peer-to-peer marketplace without any fees would not be successful in the long run. Why would anyone provide the publishing, privacy, escrow, or promotional services necessary to keep marketplace functioning if there were no financial incentives to do so? Computers, hard drives, internet connections, and the electricity to operate them cost money. If there are no rewards for people who provide the marketplace infrastructure, who will provide that infrastructure?

    See also the topic "How do I Provide Marketplace Services in OmniBazaar?", and the definition of the term "tragedy of the commons".

  • How Does Escrow Work in OmniBazaar?

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    How can I be sure I will get what I order in the marketplace?

    If the seller is located in the same town or local area, you could make the purchase in person.

    For a transaction with a seller at a larger distance, OmniCoin offers a distributed escrow service for marketplace transactions. The buyer (you) and the seller agree on an escrow agent, based on the agent’s reputation and reliability in the marketplace. The OmniCoin software creates a special type of transaction ("SecureSend") that can only be completed when two of the three parties in the transaction (the buyer, the