How do I Provide Marketplace Services in OmniBazaar

Providing Marketplace Services
OmniBazaar is a cooperative effort by its users who provide the computer, network, and promotional services that
make the marketplace possible. Anyone who wants to provide these services for the network can earn incentive fees.
If you provide more services than you consume in the OmniBazaar marketplace, you can produce an income from OmniBazaar. To provide any of the services below, you must be running the OmniBazaar software on a desktop computer or server with the following minimum requirements:
Fast, multi-core processor with 8GB of RAM
100GB of available hard disk space
Fast internet connection (without data limitations)

“Publishers” make available some of their computer processing power, memory, and internet bandwidth for storing
and serving the listings of other users of the OmniBazaar marketplace. Users select publishers based on whether
the publisher is “local”, how long the publisher has been active in the marketplace, and the publisher’s reliability.
To be considered reliable, a publisher must be continuously online and able to receive and serve listings. Publishers
receive a registration fee for listings they publish. Most sellers register new product or service listings
so that they will be available for distributed search and replication by all servers in the OmniBazaar network.

Escrow Providers are CryptoBazaar users who make available some of their computer processing power, memory,
and internet bandwidth to provide more security for marketplace transactions between people who do not know
and trust each other. Users select escrow providers based primarily on their reputation. An escrow provider’s
reputation is based on the number and size of transactions completed, and satisfaction feedback provided by
users after previous escrow transactions. Escrow providers play an important role in the marketplace because
the escrow provider may sometimes be required to “judge” the validity of a transaction in the event of a
dispute. Escrow providers receive a 0.35% fee from each party in the transaction.

Transaction Processing
There are up to 101 OmniCoin Transaction Processors at any one time. To be a Transaction Processor, you must
leave your computer on and connected continuously to the OmniBazaar marketplace. You must also be a “participant”
in other ways in the OmniBazaar system, such as by publishing listings for others, being an escrow, referring new users,
and having a good “reputation”. Any user (including you) can become a Transaction Processor by being one of the
101 most active participants in OmniBazaar. Transaction processors earn OmniCoins for every transaction they process.