How do I Use the OmniBazaar Marketplace?

Simply click on a category of listings or type in one or more search terms. The software will search the OmniBazaar marketplace for listings that contain these words, in the title, the description, or the keywords. Listings that are on the server you are searching will be presented first. If you click "Extended Search", the OmniBazaar software will also search other remote servers for more listings in the same category or that contain the same search term. To purchase an item, just click the “Buy” button.

Listing your product or service is easy and free. Just fill in the “New Listing” form. You can price your item in any
of several currencies. Add pictures to show what you are listing. Selling your products or services is an easy way to get cryptocurrencies  that you can then use to purchase other goods and services in the marketplace.

Jobs, Announcements, Personal Ads
You may list local job openings or post your resume for free. If you hire a contractor, or provide services as a
contractor in the marketplace, and use the OmniBazaar escrow service for payment protection, the usual
transaction fees apply. You may announce upcoming events, and place personal ads on OmniBazaar free
of charge.

Bitcoin and OmniCoin are the two main currencies in the marketplace. While Bitcoin is more famous, OmniCoin
makes available escrow, reputation, listing registration, and features that facilitate transactions in the marketplace.
If you have Bitcoins or OmniCoins, and wish to trade them for your local currency, you can place a listing in the
marketplace and do a local, in-person exchange. We are also developing the CryptoBazaar peer-to-peer
cryptocurrency marketplace as an extension of OmniBazaar (coming soon).

Listing Defaults
The Listing Defaults settings screens allow you to enter information about yourself, your business, your location, your
products, your language, your preferred currencies, and other information (if you wish). Information about your
business and your products that you enter into the “Listing Defaults” screen will make it easier to create new listings.