What is OmniCoin?

OmniCoin Features
Easy Addresses: Send/Receive to an account name, not a number
Distributed Escrow
Anonymous Chat
User Reputation System
Long-Term Inflation capped at 1.5%

Technical Specifications
Blockchain Security: Proof of Participation (PoP)
Total Supply: 25,000,000,000
Block Reward: Varies based on transaction volume
Block Time: <10 seconds
Initial PoW Period: None
Distribution Percentage: 100%
Developer Hold-back: None
Investor Repayments: None
Other Distribution: The "perks" promised in our crowd-funding campaign
Distribution Period: As long as it takes to distribute the allocated "welcome bonuses", "referral bonuses", and "initial transaction bonuses" .

An OmniCoin wallet is integrated into the OmniBazaar software. Click on the OmniCoin tab in the upper left
corner of the OmniBazaar application.

OmniCoin is the official electronic currency of the OmniBazaar marketplace. It is simple and secure to use. 
Transaction processing takes seconds instead of minutes, so OmniCoin is business-friendly. Transactions use
relatively little computing power, so OmniCoin is eco-friendly. And, with OmniCoin, you can do transactions
using a simple account name instead of a string of numbers. This makes OmniCoin user-friendly.

 During the early days of OmniBazaar and OmniCoin, we are giving away OmniCoins to "early-adopters" who join and use the 
OmniBazaar marketplace.

We want tens or hundreds of millions of people to be owners of OmniCoins and users of the OmniBazaar
marketplace. So, we are giving away billions of coins to people who join, refer their friends, do transactions
in the marketplace, and provide the services and infrastructure for the marketplace.

OmniCoin is an extension and expansion of the Bitshares open-source code base.