Requirements to Run a Publisher Node

As a Publisher you receive OmniCoins for each new user listing that other users publish on your server. But, you must keep your server continuously running and connected to the Internet, so that those listings are available.

The ZIP files on this page install a database and web server on your computer. Install the software by running the "install" script located in the main folder. Please read the README.txt file for details.

You will need at least a dual-core processor and 4GB of RAM (8GB recommended). You must also have either a static IP address or a DNS redirect service such as DynDNS or NoIP.

You must open the following ports in order for the Publisher software to work:
80 (TCP) -- Web server
4984 (TCP) -- Sync_gateway
8090 (TCP) -- Blockchain
8500 (UDP) -- DHT.