"harddrive_id":["can't be blank"],"mac_address":["can't be blank"]

This is a very rare error message that appears if the harddrive ID or MAC address of your machine is not accessible for some reason.

We have designed OmniBazaar to find and record this data as part of our strategy to prevent "bad actors" from making multiple accounts to receive multiple Welcome Bonuses. The rule is "one Welcome Bonus per user or machine".

We have not been able to determine why, or the circumstances under which, this message appears. The developers have speculated that the issue could be specific to some hardware manufacturers or some specific application software.

If you receive this error, please submit a support ticket on this support site and let us know the manufacturer of your computer and your harddrive, and the operating system you are using. This might help the developers determine the cause and possibly find some solution.

To work around this issue, you could use a different computer to sign up and receive the welcome bonus. After that, you should be able to access your account on the computer that is giving this error. Your Welcome Bonus will be in your wallet on either machine.