MAC ISSUE. Cannot use all features


So I downloaded the new version of the wallet for mac. I successfully installed and registered the same username but when I unlock my wallet using the new password It seems I'm stuck and cannot access all the features. How can I solve this please? 


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A new beta version update of OmniBazaar is available here: http://download.omnibazaar.com/support/download?ref=social

Please UNINSTALL the prior version before installing this one.

You will be able to use your previously created user and password.

Check your "Search Preferences" if you have trouble viewing listings.

Thank you for your patience. This build should definitely solve your issue.

Hi Collina,

The developers say they have reproduced your issue and that they have a fix already. [EDIT:] I misunderstood. This was apparently a marketplace search issue that has already been fixed. You should be able to close OmniBazaar and restart. 

Please let me know if that doesn't work for you.

I see your user doesn't have any OmniCoins to use for testings. So, I am sending you some.

Thank you for testing. We appreciate your help.



Noted and will wait for the notification. Keep up the great work guys.

Maybe this can help for you to see on my end. After I unlock my wallet, I tried clicking everywhere.


Hi Collina,

What is working and what is not? It will probably help the developers to know more exactly what isn't working. Could you provide a screen shot or two?

Thanks for reporting.




Everything is not working. I'm stuck after I unlock the wallet. I can't click and access everything.