Omnibazzar marketplace shows no listings

i have installed Omnibazzar client but it's not running, i'm under windows 8 Pro, i can not browse nothing. also all link mentionned to be for help & support are dead

i have found your support page after some research in google

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A new beta version update of OmniBazaar is available here: http://download.omnibazaar.com/support/download?ref=social

Please UNINSTALL the prior version before installing this one.

You will be able to use your previously created user and password.

Check your "Search Preferences" if you have trouble viewing listings.

Thank you for your patience. This should definitely solve your issue.

Hi Zuggu,

I apologize for the issues you are having.

The navigation and zero balance issues were related and have been resolved on the network side. You should be able to restart the application and get your balance and navigation back.

However, there is still the question of being able to see listings.

Please hover your cursor over the "For Sale" or "Services" menu item at the top of the page. Then, click "All".  Let me know if that causes some listings to appear.

Thanks for your cooperation. We appreciate your help.



Hi Richard,

when i have registred i have not specified any locations, i have put anywhere.

otherwise , i can not naviguate throught the menu, unclickable :(

the balance dissapered too 


Hi Zuggu,

Here's another question: What did you set in the search priorities when you registered? What happens if you click on " All " in the "For Sale" category? Maybe your default search is simply not returning any results.

Go to the little "head and shoulders" icon in the upper right corner in the marketplace. There, you will see a selection to set your Search Priorities. Try adding "test" to the list of key words in your search priority. See if that will correct the issue.



Hi Zuggu,

Thank you for the additional data.

I don't think your laptop hardware is the problem. How are you connecting to the internet? I can see from the image you sent that you are connected to the OmniCoin network. But, there seems to be some issue with acquiring listings from the marketplace.

I have passed your information to the developers. I'm sure we can get this sorted out and fixed.

Please give us some time to investigate.


seems that Omnibazzar needs a powerful gigs to run succefuly, not like mine laptop x64bit  4GB ram Intel I3.

I can not naviguate throught the app, disapoinned to not be able to give a try 

for more info  https://imgur.com/a/V0OZqkw 

Hi Zuggu,

Thank you for pointing out the issue with the links. This seems to have gotten broken when we upgraded our servers a couple of days ago. It should be working by the time you read this (when DNS propagates).

Please let me know how far you got in the installation, sign-up and launch sequence. Were you able to sign up and register your user? Did you receive the 10,000 XOM Welcome Bonus? Can you navigate through the app using the menu items in the left panel? When you say you cannot browse anything, do you mean only in the marketplace, or in the entire application? Does the colored bar at the bottom show the block number and latency?

Also, could you provide more info about your machine? Is it 32-bit or 64-bit Windows 8? How much RAM? Virtual or physical machine? Behind a router, or connected directly to the Internet?

This additional info will help us understand what is happening and help you get OmniBazaar working.