About OmniBazaar

Simple to Use
To use OmniBazaar, simply publish in the marketplace a listing of the product or service you would like to sell. Or, search for the product or service you would like to buy. If you have ever used CraigsList, you will find OmniBazaar easy to use.

The marketplace matches buyers with sellers at a fraction of the cost of traditional e-commerce sites. Some optional marketplace services may result in small fees (0.5–1.5%) when users buy or sell something. These fees are distributed to OmniBazaar users who provide the computer, network, escrow, and development services that make the marketplace possible. These optional OmniBazaar fees are far less than the 10–15% fees charged by most e-commerce sites.

When you sell a product or service using OmniBazaar, you receive Bitcoins or OmniCoins in exchange. You can use these currencies to purchase items in the OmniBazaar marketplace, or you can exchange them for your local currency.You may even use OmniBazaar to buy or sell these currencies to individuals in your local area. Cryptocurrencies are not issued or controlled by any bank or government, can be used in any country, and cost almost nothing to send or receive. Yet they can be exchanged easily for products and services, and for most national currencies.

OmniBazaar is a cooperative effort by its users who provide the computer, network, and promotional services that make the marketplace possible. Anyone who wants to provide these services for the network can share in the transaction fees paid by users. If you provide more services than you consume in the OmniBazaar marketplace, you can produce an income from OmniBazaar.

There is no single location where product and service listings are stored, no central location where transactions are processed, and no one company or person that markets and promotes OmniBazaar. This allows for lower fees, and provides more privacy for OmniBazaar users than is available on traditional e-commerce sites. Please review the other “Help” topics (below or in the panel on the left) to learn more about this powerful new way of buying and selling.