Are There Costs to Use OmniBazaar?

Buyers in the marketplace pay no fees. OmniBazaar costs nothing to join and nothing to use. 

Seller Fees

Sellers can choose to pay from zero to two percent of the sales price of their goods and services at the time of the sale. Paying a higher percentage provides enhanced visibility for the seller's listings in the marketplace. The normal (default) listing fee is one half of one percent. Even the highest fee is still only a tiny fraction of the fees charged to sellers by most e-commerce sites.

Referral Fees

Most sellers also pay one half of one percent referral fee on the sale price, at the time of the sale. This amount is split between the referrers of the buyer and the seller in the transaction. It is possible to "opt out" of this fee, but most people prefer not to. If you choose not to pay referral fees, you are also choosing not to receive any referral fees or bonuses for any people you have referred in the past or may refer in the future.

Listing Publication

If you don't want to run OmniBazaar continuously on your computer, but you want your listings to be continuously available to buyers in the OmniBazaar marketplace, you can pay a "Publisher" node a small fee to publish your listings. Fees for this service are "market-driven", in that publishers can choose how much they charge and sellers can choose which publisher to use.

Escrow Agents

If you are dealing with buyer or seller that you don't know and trust, you may choose to use the OmniBazaar "SecureSend" escrow service to conduct your transaction with the help of an escrow agent. If you choose to use this service, you pay a fee to the escrow agent. This fee is a small percentage of the transaction price and is "market driven". Escrow agents get to choose how much they want for their service and buyers get to choose which agent to use, based on price and other factors.

Our Philosophy About Fees

TANSTAAFL (“There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch.” )
Just as the Bitcoin network pays transaction processors (“miners”) for using their computers to process the transactions of other users, OmniBazaar pays service providers in the marketplace for the services they provide. We believe this is the only fair way to operate the marketplace: Those who consume services pay for those services. Those who provide services get paid for their production.

We believe that the Bitcoin network would be far smaller and less robust than it is today if it did not pay its transaction processors. So, OmniBazaar marketplace pays incentives not only to its transaction processors, but also to publishing nodes, escrow agents, referrers, and the developers.