What is OmniBazaar?

OmniBazaar is a peer-to-peer marketplace "of the people, by the people, for the people", that eliminates the "middlemen" and "bankers" from e-commerce. OmniBazaar is redefining "free enterprise" by empowering buyers, sellers, and marketplace service providers.

Buyers and sellers deal directly with each other (instead of through a middleman site like Amazon or eBay), using Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for payments (instead of credit cards or PayPal).

Buying and selling in OmniBazaar are FREE unless you choose to pay for optional marketplace services provided by other users.

Built-in incentives reward providers of essential services in the marketplace, such as transaction processors, listing publishers, and escrow agents. These incentives help avoid the situation where everyone tries to consume services but no one has any incentive to provide those services. (See the definition of "tragedy of the commons").

OmniBazaar is designed to be explicitly "white-market", with built-in safeguards to deter and remove listings for illegal products or services. Illegal listings are removed from the marketplace as a result of "down-votes" by other users.

OmniBazaar will serve the 2.5 billion "un-banked" people world-wide who cannot use existing e-commerce sites because those sites require users to have credit cards and bank accounts.