How can I get some OmniCoins or Bitcoins to use in the marketplace?

When you join OmniBazaar, you will receive enough OmniCoins to register your user. These coins are provided by the person who referred you.

Often, the easiest and fastest way to get additional OmniCoins or Bitcoins is to sell something in the marketplace. The buyer
will give you coins that you can then use to purchase goods and services in the Marketplace.

Another way is to search the marketplace for someone in your area that is offering to sell coins for cash.

The OmniBazaar development team is also developing CryptoBazaar, a distributed cryptocurrency marketplace with low transaction fees.

Depending on where you live, you may be able to send money to a cryptocurrency exchange on the Internet, and buy coins there.

Early adopters of OmniBazaar will be given some OmniCoins when they join OmniBazaar, whenever they refer a new person who joins OmniBazaar, or when they buy or sell something in the OmniBazaar marketplace. This is our way of attracting users, and an effective way to get OmniCoins into circulation in the Marketplace.