Referring New OmniBazaar Users

OmniBazaar rewards users who refer new users. You receive an on-going stream of rewards for each new
person you personally introduce. It is a simple “social” referral system (not multi-level marketing).

We believe in rewarding people for doing things that benefit the marketplace. New users of the
marketplace (and the resulting new listings and transactions) are important to everyone in OmniBazaar
because they make the marketplace bigger, more useful, more interesting, and stronger.

You become the "Referrer" of a new user in OmniBazaar simply by introducing that person to OmniBazaar.
Tell your friends your account name in OmniBazaar. Your unique OmniCoin account name identifies you
as the “Referrer”. The new user enters your account name into their registration screen in OmniBazaar.
It is as simple as that.

As a Referrer, you receive 0.25% of every marketplace transaction your new users complete — not just the
first transaction, but every transaction. If you introduce several popular merchants or active buyers, these
rewards could add up. Referral fees are generated and paid as part of the transaction processing ("mining") process.

Transaction Fees
Some OmniBazaar optional service may cost buyers and sellers a small fee. These fees support
the operation, promotion, and development of the network.

TANSTAAFL (“There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch.” )
Just as the Bitcoin network pays transaction processors (“miners”) for using their computers to process the
transactions of other users, OmniBazaar pays service providers in the marketplace for the services they provide.
We believe this is the only fair way to operate the marketplace: Those who consume services pay for those
services. Those who provide services get paid for their production.

We believe that the Bitcoin network would be far smaller and less robust than it is today if it did not pay its transaction
processors. So, OmniBazaar marketplace pays incentives not only to its transaction processors, but also to
publishing nodes, escrow agents, referrers, and the developers.